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The Group

Our deeply held values create value for all.

We live and work by a moral code, outlined in our Guiding Principles and Code of Conduct. Together, they are who we are as a company. These are not just platitudes that we hang on the break room wall. They are deeply held values that we live and breathe every day. After all, we’re all in this together. And for the long haul.

Our Vision

Value creation. It’s the primary aim of any business. Done responsibly and ethically, it makes life better for customers, employees and society as a whole. Conducting business ethically means strict compliance with laws and regulations. Yet for us it goes far beyond. By operating with integrity and ethics, and doing the right thing, we are working to be the counterparty of choice. We believe that doing the right thing extends to how we support our employees, protect our environment and invest in our communities.

Our first two guiding principles are “integrity” and “stewardship & compliance” for good reason. Only by conducting all affairs with integrity can we create the foundation of trust necessary for mutually beneficial relationships – with employees, customers, partners, communities and society. Second only to integrity is full compliance with all laws and regulations and proper stewardship of resources

A desire to Perform.

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